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Your benefits as an employee at a glance

  • Rapid entry into the labor market.
  • Financial security.
  • Fair pay through collective bargaining coverage in BAP and customer agreements.
  • Full social security, health, accident, pension, unemployment, and nursing care.
  • Benefits such as Christmas, and holiday bonuses.
  • Receive payment on vacation, sickness, or the use of free time.
  • Continuous expansion and improving your skills and career prospects through the different missions.
  • Re-entry into professional life, for example, unemployment or education breaks.
  • Work experience for newcomers.
  • Interesting job offers.
  • Takeover opportunities by customer.
  • You have a fair partner at your side.
  • An appreciation, and positive working atmosphere.
  • Personal attention, we provide you with advise and practical help.

What is temporary work and what are the advantages?


Temporary work is a regular form of employment in germany, and is governed by the employment act.

The employees of a temporary angency are characterized by a generally valid work in a regular employment.

During this employment workers are left at certain time to other companies. The company is helped to be flexable and to react quickly to various economic challenges.

There are many advantages for you as a candidate, as you will get a quick introduction to the labor market as well as financial security.
Even as a young professional returning to work after parental leave and unemployment or career change, you have the opportunity to work for a intereting company. Through different missions continuously improve your knowlegde and career prospects.

We will find the right companies without large application cost. Since at all times the possibility of being taking over by the company into a permanent job, temporary work is a stepping stone for you. We will be happy on your way to permanent employment to help and advise.

In Germany, the supply of temporary workers is comprehensively regulated by law ( AÜG ) . Through its membership in the Federal Employers' Association of Personnel Service e.V. ( BAP ) , we provide our employees according to the collective agreements which the BAP has decided with the collective community of the personnelservice of the German Trade Union Federation ( DGB ).

Fair cooperation with our employees are very dear to us. We are always there for you and always have an open ear for you. We want you to be happy with your work and feel comfortable with us.

Interested? In our job exchange you can check about current vacancies and apply the same through our applicant portal.

You can send us your unsolicited application anytime. Apply for our newsletter to be informed about the latest vacancies.