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Your advantages as a company at a glance

  • Highly trained, qualified and highly motivated employees or professionals specific professions.
  • High flexibility and efficiency relief.
  • Fast, uncomplicated and flexible staffing solutions, eg with staff shortages or for larger projects, deadlines, holidays, peak periods, sickness or maternity leave.
  • Reduction in staff cost.
  • Customer satisfaction by meeting deadlines.
  • Increase employee productivity.
  • No bulky and difficult search for suitable employees and time-consuming interviews.
  • Predictability.
  • High efficiency and time savings for recruiting tasks.
  • No costly advertisements.
  • Fixed calculable personnel costs - will be paid only the actual time worked from our employees.
  • Simpler operating organization by eliminating administrative work.
  • Risk-free testing of potentially new employees.


Benefits for companies

For many companies, staff leasing is becoming more attractive. It's a good opportunity for short-term staff shortages or for larger projects to be assisted optimally by staff leasing. Also in typical cases as required deadlines, holidays, peak periods, sickness or maternity leave its own personnel can be increased quickly and easily.

The flexibility of staff leasing is very interesting for companies also as a permanent solution.We assume the time-consuming search for the right employee. By Staff Leasing benefits your business,  it is relieved and can concentrate on its core business.  

Since the contract are permanent in GB4GS , our personnel services for all taxes on their wages , as well as continued pay in case of sickness and holidays is responsible. You only pay for the time actually worked in your company work hours and have short termination times. No business risks for you. The possibility of permanent employment of the employee by us are available in your company is in this case not be ruled out.

We take care of the entire staff recruitment and management!

  • CareerBuilder in all print and online media.
  • Pre-selection of applications received and performing interviews.
  • Salary negotiations and review of working papers.
  • Processing payroll and administrative staff duties.
  • GB4GS assumes all non-wage costs for you ( social security contributions, taxes, etc. )

Our goal is, by careful selection of personnel and staff shortages to assist you optimally and to suit your requirements. Take advantage of the time work. We strive for a stable long-term, trusting and understanding business partnership. 

In Germany, the supply of temporary workers is comprehensively regulated by law ( AÜG ). Through its membership in the Federal Employers' Association of Personnel Service e.V. ( BAP ), we provide our employees according to the collective agreements which the BAP has decided with the collective community of the personnel service of the German Trade Union Federation ( DGB ).